End of the Year Hospital Outreach Program

The ERA Foundation  carried out its annual end of the year hospital outreach program at the Nyanya General Hospital, Abuja to help patients who were facing difficulties in paying off their hospital bills. The program aimed to bring hope and a little relief to those who were struggling during this difficult time of the year.

The foundation provided not just monetary assistance but also distributed essential food items and toiletries to patients in need. The initiative helped patients who couldn’t afford to buy these basic necessities themselves, and it became a source of comfort and hope to them.

Volunteers from the foundation worked hand in hand with hospital staff to ensure that the resources provided got to the patients that truly needed them. The patients were grateful for the support they received and expressed their feelings of appreciation towards the foundation and all the volunteers that helped out in the program.

The foundation’s end of the year hospital outreach program serves as a great reminder of the importance of supporting and helping others in our communities. The gift of hope and comfort can drive anyone to keep pushing through challenging and difficult times.

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