We Focused on Sustainable Development Goals

ERA Foundation aligns itself with the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations for peace and prosperity for people and has vowed to adopt them in letter and in spirit.

SDG's Related to our Works

Goal #1: No Poverty
Goal #2: Zero Hunger
Goal #3: Good Health and Well-being
Goal #4: Quality Education
Goal #5: Gender Equality
Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth



We make life better for people every year.

We hope to build stronger, more resilient and more equitable communities where everyone can thrive. We work to improve health, education, and economic mobility of every person in every community we serve. 



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Our Amazing Team

Ikechukwu Ezeanni Founder/CEO
Atakulu Chidilim Managing Director / Secretary
ik photi
Dominic Kadiri Consultant

& addinational 67+ committed volunteers


Educate, Empower & Transform

We strive to recognize and act on every opportunity for progress, self-improvement and inclusion. We need to use our power of anticipation to start creating a positive future which will transform lives.

Our Vision

To create a society in which people can have access to basic needs, while striving to be the fountainhead for empowering and transforming lives through education, poverty alleviation and empowerment

Mission Statement

Giving back to the our immediate society without any form of prejudice, alliance or allegiance but just been human whilst creating equality in our immediate society. and optimize the potential of children, youth, women and young girls  through collaborative partnership and community programs.

Aims and Objective

ERAF aims to provide its immediate society with access to basic commodity of life regardless of its socio-economic status.


Providing welfare, education, good health care, as well as shelter to any offspring of our society regardless of their socio-economic status.

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